How does PROPEL vibration technology work?

Gentle tooth vibration is a popular method that is being widely used to accelerate orthodontic treatment. For many years, scientific research conducted has shown that vibrations stimulate bone remodelling (which is the basis of orthodontic tooth movement). Propel works with both braces and Invisalign aligners; with Invisalign, Propel’s vibration device has an additional effect by better seating the aligners. When wearing aligners for orthodontic treatment, well-fitting aligners contributes greatly to the success of treatment. Propel’s gentle vibration moves the aligners to fit better than what is achieved by normal wear. Patients that use vibration technology typically change their aligners every 7 to 10 days, rather than the standard 14 days.

Well-fitting aligners additionally increase the predictability of tooth movement. At times, teeth do not “track,” or fit, into the aligners, which requires remaking of aligners, greatly lengthening treatment time. In addition to extending the treatment time, non-tracking aligners can also negatively compromise the quality of the final orthodontic result.