How does PROPEL MOP (micro-osteo perforations) work?

Tooth movement is a biological process. Orthodontic treatment works by applying a light force to the tooth (by braces, Invisalign, or other similar orthodontic treatments) and that force is then transmitted to the bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth. This bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth is known as the alveolar bone, and is very dynamic, or constantly remodelling. This bone remodelling increases when it is stimulated, or when force is placed on a tooth. The resulting bone remodelling allows the tooth to move in the direction of the force.

Propel works by performing a micro-puncture to the bone, which stimulates bone remodelling more than utilizting orthodontic treatment alone. This “micro-puncture” can be thought of as similar to acupuncture. Research has shown that when both an orthodontic force and a micro-puncture is applied, the teeth move two times faster (or more).

Accordingly, Propel uses the patient’s own biological functions to accelerate tooth movement. Propel’s alveolar micro-osteoperforation is incredibly targeted, making it incredibly ideal when there are a few teeth have challenging or delayed movement during orthodontic treatment.